Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend in Hermanus and at the Game Park!

This weekend was our last hoorah as we had finished our two weeks of classes and prepared to start our internships the following Monday. We left on Friday for Hermanus, a small town that is known for its whale watching. However, the whales only come from July-September, so we were a little pre-mature. One the way there we stopped at a penguin colony which was amazing! Even though Robin Island had the largest colony of penguins, this place had thousands waddling around and walking right up next to you. We stayed the night in Hermanus and met some other travelers at dinner that were staying in our hostel. The night ended with everyone dancing to a mix of disco and kid cudie.

The next morning we walked around town for awhile and then piled into the van and headed to the game park. Right when we got there we went on a 2 hour game drive and saw rhinos, giraffes, springbok, and buffalo. The game drive was followed by a delicious buffet with Kudu steaks (one of my new favorite meats along with ostrich that I've discovered since being in South Africa). The next morning we went on another 2 hour game drive at sunrise. Perhaps the animals are more rambunctious in the morning, because we had two elephants trying to charge our land rover. We also went in the lion reserve where there was one male and two females. The night before we had been joking about how funny/horrible it would be if one of the cars stalled in the lion area (because ours had broken down earlier) and sure enough, another groups did. They had to bring the lions meat to eat in order to distract them so the other group had enough time to get from their car to the replacement they brought. haha
All in all, a very memorable weekend!!

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